August through the lens

The month of August almost always occasions a rewatching of Daniel Petrie's underrated LIFEGUARD starring Sam Elliott.

My devotion to the film is such that on an old mid 00s internet discussion site one of the participants simply assumed I had been a lifeguard myself in the 1970s, and in Southern California somewhere no less, on the basis of my odd attachment to the film.

Vintage 1976 California Postcard

"What beach were you stationed at? What year?" this poster would ask.

It was most awkward to reveal to this jock that I simply liked the movie.

Indeed you will note, if you are longer time follower of this blog post, that I already mentioned the picture back in November of 2020 - in the context of a possibly inexplicable account of how a minor moment in a scene inspired a whole musical style to develop within me.