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I am your host Mitch Hampton and welcome to Journey of an Aesthete Podcast!
Our Focus
Our podcast is and will be, a comprehensive examination of all matters aesthetic, all the arts and humanities, how they connect us, a celebration of the creative process across all of the arts and most of all, what it means to be human.
More about Mitch
Your host and curator, Mitch is a neurodivergent journeyman musician and composer who composes for film, television, commercials, live concerts, ... he is a lover of life, 70's scholar, a journalist, writer, thinker, an aesthete and neurodivergent.
Taking us all on an interior journey, opening doors for us all, taking us inside the lives, processes and minds of brilliant creatives and humans, exploring across genres and mediums.
Mitch brings to light the creative process, the meaning found in creativity and living creatively, and what it means to be human.
Please note: our music for our show intro and outro was composed by Mitch himself!
For more about Mitch's music, check it out here:
For more about his writings, you can check out our show blog here.
His previous journalism work here:

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