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Dear Patreon Subscribers, 


First of all, thanks for being loyal listeners to our show. We appreciate you!


We value every single "click", "share" and listen" and our aim is to create the highest quality show with very special guests, tell a great story.

While every listener will always get our very best, to our Patreon Subscribers, we "create a little more" content as our appreciation to you for subscribing.

That means special content created only for you, free tickets to live tapings, live "call in shows" where you get to be a direct part of things and so much more.

To join and become an aesthete Patreon, click here.

Our Philosophy on Patronage

There is a long ,rich history of artists and organizations partnering with patrons in order to make and create.

Like a lighthouse, of sorts, a patron lights and makes the way.


We are a small team with big hearts, dedicated to creating a high caliber of show with compelling guests for you to journey with us in getting to know and explore.

We believe with all our hearts that taking an intimate look into creative process , living creatively, creates connections and celebrates what it means to to be human.

Your being a subscriber, also, makes you a producer of our podcast, and we have created packages of perks to thank you heartily with.

Join us and know how grateful we are to you for helping us tell stories that light the path.

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