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Welcome to your Patreon Subscriber Offerings.......

We make things here at Journey of an Aesthete Podcast and, we celebrate the stories of the makers of things..... 

If you are or are becoming a Patreon Subscriber, we thank you.

If you are a listener, and not yet a Patreon, we thank you for listening.


We do this for you!

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Journey of an Aesthete Podcast is dedicated to telling intimate, personal  stories about artists and creatives,their process in making things, across all art forms. exploring what it means to be human. and how the arts and living creatively connects us all.

If you have a story to share, or know about a story for us to tell, please check out our blog page or email us.

Our Patreon offerings are designed to add bonus content for our subscribers but please know, we are always committed to creating the highest quality content we can for all our listeners.

Our Patreon subscribers and show patrons "keep the lights on" and for that, we are so grateful.

Thank you with all our hearts, Mitch and team.

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