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Welcome Aesthetes & Lover's of Life All!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I am Mitch Hampton and welcome to my show, our show, your show. My mission is to create my podcast with a special focus on the interior life and journey of artists across all art forms, as well as, people who while perhaps not artists, are living "artfully". I believe that in exploring creativity we are also exploring what it means to be human.

This could seem "on the nose" a bit, but I too, am on a "journey"... a life long, Northeast city boy and artistically, finds himself transplanted to a small, rural, somewhat isolated Southern town, my podcast has become a way for me to make sense of these life changes I am in the midst of, and, stay connected to all the things I love.

So, here we all are, on a journey together, exploring creative process and what it means to be human, connecting the dots, the humans, and their stories, near and far.

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