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Journey of an Aesthete Logo Launch!

Hi listeners!

We are SO excited to share with you our new Journey of an Aesthete Podcast logo, created by the amazing artist and co- median, Teresa Roberts Logan!

We commissioned these designs by Teresa to use on our new podcast merchandise we will be creating for our sub- scribers and listeners.

Here they are! ( insert drumroll music).......

Our aim and the heart of our show is to speak to the heart of creativity, to listen to, talk with and explore artist's creativity, journeys and through that process,what it means to be human, how creativity unites us in small ways and large.

Here’s a little note from the notebook of your host, Mitch Hampton , about the logo creation collaboration process:

“Once a very long time ago in a galaxy far away, in Tampa of 1988 to be exact I worked very closely with an illustrator for my bachelor of Music recital at New England Conservatory.

It was on Tax day, April 15th, so I got the idea of having some dude from the internal revenue service carrying a briefcase ap- proaching a grand piano on a stage.

Or something like that.

That drawing is long gone. It would be another thirty years un- til I had the opportunity to work with a real illustrator like that again. I really enjoyed this process. Roberts gives me hope that what she does will continue and heaven knows we need it. When you are working with somebody of the skill of Ms. Roberts they have the ability to go in a lot of different ways. She would show me this hat or that cuff or that shade of char- coal or brown and ask, what did I think of this, or that, or that other thing?"

And then she would turn around and show all of these in a dif- ferent way usually something my mind's eye could not havre conceived.

I sort of liked them all of course, but you do have to choose. If you think about it, this is very good problem to have.

I did always like those Playboy and New Yorker cartoons (yes they have something in common).

Roberts captured some of that.

I have to say part of me absolutely hates the idea of dictating style like this to any artist, (even if it is a good one) that is, un- less they are already in part disposed to it. (My apologies to you Teresa Roberts, if it is not your thing, but you sure drew it like it was or like you maybe invented it).

I love it.

Thanks for being a part of our show Teresa, lending your pens and brushes to our vision of what the arts and humanities can bring, and to all of you for listening with us!”

Here is more about Teresa and her work, links to her gorgeous creations.

Check back soon with us, as we feature her as a podcast guest and check back in about our new bespoke Journey of an Aesthete Podcast merchandise that will be coming your way soon!

Links to Teresa’s beautiful body of work:

Instagram: The actual link is: head Twitter: @LaughingRedhead Website: Cartoon: Comics Linktree, which has her site, social media, shops, Patreon, every- thing! :

Teresa’s Bio

Teresa Roberts Logan is a cartoonist, standup comic, and author, who regularly appears at comics festivals all over.

Her work has been featured in the “Cartoon Crier” a newspaper dealing with grief, from the Center For Cartoon Studies , and “Magic Bullet ,” DC’s comics newspaper, as well as Dirty Dia- monds All-Girl Comics Anthologies and Andrews McMeel’s pop- ular POSH Coloring Books Series.

As a standup comic, she has been appeared on A&E, HBO, and The Comedy Channel.

Her syndicated comic LAUGHING REDHEAD appears regularly at GoComics.

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